Friday, 18 December 2009

Introducing the Virtual Machine Company

Nick, Andy and myself have been running The Virtual Machine Company for just over 18 months we have been successfully designing, building and selling Hardware Appliances that are specifically designed for running high performance virtualised workloads. Our aim being to improve all the datacenter metrics that make virtualisation a such a compelling technology; including maximising the density of VM workloads per unit of rack-space. Anyway, with virtualisation in mind let's hear from the virtual me...

Nick was also keen to tell you something about the ideas and common beliefs that drive our R&D roadmap.

Let's have a look at The Virtual Machine Company.

Or, drop us an email at

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Virtually Christmas

It's virtual'ly the holidays again. So in the spirit of virtualisation we are sending this Christmas greeting to you and all of our friends, colleagues and readers of VMYak. Happy Holidays to one and all !! Nick, Steve, Andy and the team at The Virtual Machine Company

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Monday, 7 December 2009

Welcome to VM Yak

This is the first post from the team at The Virtual Machine Company.

This is a three handed effort on our part. So expect to see a mixture of market analysis, technical discussions and informed comment.

As we've been around in many roles, for many years; we have gotten to know some interesting people - policy makers, manufacturers, service providers and people in the know, people that you might want to hear from directly. So expect guest bloggers to turn-up from time to time, banging their own drums about cloud computing, security and green-it.

So it's news, views, case studies and useful insights into the the issues of the day.

Why not bookmark us now, let us know if it's worth it :0)

Regards Steve, Nick & Andy