Thursday, 10 February 2011

Geekbench: VMC virtualisation hardware tops benchmark

The results are in from the independent performance testing of our new hardware appliance platform.

Like the song says 'It's not what you do it's the way that you do it. Our HPC approach to virtualisation really delivers on the promise of the MultiCore x86-64 vision.

So to the results:
The VMC 1200 series - 2P 24 Core system comfortably faces down the latest 4P 48Core DELL R815. In the real world that saves you a VMware license

The 4P 48Core VMC 2400 series slips past a 'quant-built' 8P 128Core custom rig to take top slot, leaving the 8P 64Core IBM System x3850 X5 trailing in 3rd; and that would save you 2 VMware licenses.

But seriously, it's not simply license savings when you move to very dense virtualisation solutions like ours. You save on everything; rack-space, power, cooling, software licenses, networking infrastructure and storage solutions.

Checkout the VMC VA1200 Series specifications.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Wikileaks: Avoiding the problem in the first place

As young Mr Assange makes a return trip to court this week, one of our partner companies issues some guidelines on improving your cyber-security.

(1) Recognise Where You Are Vulnerable
(2) Know If You Are A Target
(3) Diligence And Statutory Obligations (Compliance)
(4) Segment Your Data
(5) The Human Element, A Matter Of Staff Maturity And Common Sense
(6) Handling A Leak

Check it out here

As an ex-security guy myself I've found that most day to day security breaches are people based; systems left open, people sharing a user account, shared passwords and most often a text file full of passwords on the computer itself.

Here is what past master Kevin Metnick has to say about social engineering your way into someones data-store.